icone3 For nearly a century, in the heart of the Perigord region

For nearly a century, the Maison DELMOND has been offering refined and authentic Perigord products.
Our secret? Traditional methods of preparation with Perigord fattened ducks coming from responsible farming.

In the beginning …

For more than 80 years, the Maison DELMOND has been working as a poultry producer and dealer in the Perigord region. Passionate about its land and proud of its know-how, DELMOND FOIE GRAS offers refined and authentic products.

The sector

Our rapprochement with the agricultural cooperative Terres du Sud in 2012 gave us the opportunity to strengthen ties with our producers. All together, farmers from the cooperative and DELMOND employees, we are striving to offer you quality products.


Inherently innovative and always on the verge of new ideas, the company develops on a daily basis products meeting the evolution of society taking in account the full requirements from consumers.

Our philosophy

Proud of its land and committed to excellence, our brand has developed a personal and unique approach. We have made the bold move by reconciling a responsible and sustainable agriculture together with the pursuit of excellence.

About quality

Our products are covered by the PGI Perigord (Protected Geographical Indication). DELMOND protects cultural and gastronomic heritage of the Perigord, as well as its knowhow and values, by ensuring the whole transparency to the customers.

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